Mining Matters – Expanding the Reach of Education

How do you reach teachers across the country when you have limited training staff and budgets? That’s the problem an organization called Mining Matters was facing.  Mining Matters is a not-for-profit based in Toronto that provides learning modules to teachers across the country, sometimes in remote areas, informing students about geology and mining.  The solution is video tutorials that showed the teachers how to use the modules, which all relate to geology and mining.

ZPI Behind-the-Scenes: Magic of Green Screens

The Client – ZPI, a ProMach company that provides world-class software to help improve packaging line efficiency.

The Challenge – Telling ZPI’s story and showing the effectiveness of its software without revealing proprietary information about clients including names, what they do, or film in any of their facilities.

5 ways video will help grow your business

Wondering whether your company is ready to take the plunge? Incorporating video in your corporate strategy could be the missing link in your marketing plan. The prevalent medium is universal and when done right, extremely effective. According to Forbes Insight, 65% of senior executives will visit the website of a company after viewing their video (Video Brewery)! Read below for more reasons why your company needs corporate video.