Mining Matters – Expanding the Reach of Education

How do you reach teachers across the country when you have limited training staff and budgets? That’s the problem an organization called Mining Matters was facing.  Mining Matters is a not-for-profit based in Toronto that provides learning modules to teachers across the country, sometimes in remote areas, informing students about geology and mining.  The solution is video tutorials that showed the teachers how to use the modules, which all relate to geology and mining.

PENDA produced several hands-on step-by-step training videos for Mining Matters, which showed teachers how to use each module with their students.  We worked with Mining Matters to produce detailed scripts and shot lists for the day of the shoot.  We brought the English and French trainers into the PENDA studio for a one-day shoot using three cameras to ensure we captured all the necessary angles to fulfill the educational requirements of each tutorial.

The result was a happy client who saved time and money, while still being able to reach their entire audience.  It was Mining Matters’ first experience with video of this kind.  Lesley Hymers, Manager of the Education and Outreach Programs at Mining Matters was surprised at the technical expertise and equipment that went into producing their videos. Check out her comments in this video:

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