ProMach – Performance, Packaged In Motion

At PENDA, we love working with great people and developing lasting relationships. ProMach is one of those clients.  We have enjoyed our ongoing work with the team at ProMach with whom we share the same values, dedication and passion for our products.

ProMach is a large U.S. company that offers complete packaging solutions for their customers, using best-in-line product brands and services. They believe video is a great way to demonstrate the intricacies of what they do.

PENDA spent part of a summer travelling to various locations in the U.S., filming at numerous ProMach facilities. Great lenses and the camera operators’ creative eye give the viewer a detailed look at the inner workings of ProMach’s full and intricate end-to-end packaging spectrum. That, combined with enthusiastic employees telling the story showcase both the companies facilities and commitment to excellence.


Also, check out John Eklund, ProMach’s VP of Marketing, and his comment below about why they wanted to use video to help share their message:

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